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Wildlife Control

What To Do When Wildlife Invade Your Peachtree City Home

When wildlife gets into your house, it’s hard to miss. The sounds they make and the damage they cause are severe enough to alert you to their presence quickly. By determining early into an infestation that you have a problem, you can take fast action to minimize damage. MSI Termite & Wildlife offers wildlife control services to remove whatever type of wildlife you find in your house.

Our Peachtree City Wildlife Control Offerings

an opossum on a log


We’ll begin your service by talking with you about the problems you’ve been experiencing, then inspect your property for any signs of wildlife. By determining where the animals are getting into your home and how severe the infestation is, we can decide on the most effective course of treatment.


Our treatments vary based on the type of animal, the severity of the infestation, and where the animals are harboring in your house. We’ll work with you to develop a customized plan that is effective and works for your needs.

For squirrels and raccoons, we’ll often use one-way doors to allow the animals to get out of your house and be unable to get back in. Sometimes we’ll use cages right outside the door to remove the animal from the property. We also use traps that we place inside your home in strategic locations. We’ll set up trap cameras that alert us when an animal has been caught so that we can return to your house to remove it.

If snakes are the wildlife giving you problems, we can remove them. We use snake tongs to capture any problem snakes. Once captured, we will relocate them.

Armadillos can be extremely destructive if given the chance. They enjoy digging under homes where they can crack the foundation, and they dig into gardens looking for grubs, which can destroy the plants you're trying to grow. They are very rarely known to attack humans unless threatened, but can still be a costly pest to have lurking around your home. We will trap these problem armadillos and remove them from your property to keep them from damaging your property.

After we’ve removed the wildlife from your home, we recommend hiring someone to seal the entry points the animals used to get inside. Sealing these entry points will prevent an infestation in the future.

Trust Your Peachtree City Pest Professionals To Take Care Of Your Wildlife Problems

When wildlife invades, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to take care of the problem for you. At MSI Termite & Wildlife, we carefully consider the specifics of your problem in order to customize a treatment plan to eliminate it. If wildlife has gotten into your house, contact us to schedule an inspection today.


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