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Rodent Control

Rodents Can Cause Serious Problems For Peachtree City Property Owners

When rodents remain in the wild, they aren't a problem for Peachtree City homes and businesses. However, when they start getting closer and closer until they finally move into the structures we live and work in, rodents become a major problem. Rodents spread dozens of diseases, damage belongings, and introduce parasites into your living space. If rodents have gotten into your home or business, MSI Termite & Pest Control can get rid of them for you.

Our Peachtree City Rodent Control Offerings

mouse sitting on the forest floor

Our rodent control service utilizes a variety of baits and traps to eliminate your rodent infestation entirely. We'll place bait stations in rodent hot spots. These stations are locked and chew-proof to protect children and pets, as well as any other animal that may come into contact with them. We use electric traps linked to a messaging system that alerts us when they trap a mouse. We place these traps both inside and outside near entry points.

We also use live traps, regular mouse traps, and glue boards that we'll ask you to check once a day. If a mouse is caught, we'll have you notify us so we can take care of it. We also sometimes use trap cameras to help us monitor these traps.

We'll keep our bait stations and traps in place and continue to monitor them until we completely eliminate your rodent problem.

A Rodent-Free Home Or Business Is Within Reach

Protecting your home or business from the many problems caused by rodents can seem daunting, but with the help of MSI Termite & Pest Control, you can soon live a rodent-free life. When you choose MSI Termite & Pest Control, we'll set bait and traps and continually monitor them until the rodents in your home or business are gone. Contact us to schedule your service today.


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