Are The Armadillos Around Peachtree City Dangerous?

March 15, 2021

When you think about the pests that typically scourge Peachtree City properties, maybe you don't first think about armadillos. Aren’t those only found in the desert? Peachtree City isn’t exactly the wild, wild west, so you’re more likely to deal with roaches, rodents, or a stray deer tearing through your yard. However, if you’re caught unprepared by an armadillo walking onto your property, you’ll quickly wish you knew how to keep them out.

an armadillo crawling in a yard looking for food

Not That Dangerous… To You

Many people know what an armadillo looks like, but most people might not know that there are multiple species of armadillos throughout the world. The nine-banded armadillo is the most common in the southeast, recently migrating here from the western desert areas of the United States.
The nine-banded armadillo weighs up to twenty pounds and is equipped with segmented armor plating that often resembles an entire shell, but the segments allow the armadillo to roll up into an armored ball for protective purposes. Armed with long claws and a talented nose, the armadillo survives by digging deep into the soil to hunt for insects.
While armadillos are generally averse to human interaction, they do not move very fast. If you interact with one in the yard, you’ll be able to get close enough for an accidental slice from their claws. Unfortunately, they also can carry a variety of dangerous diseases that they can transfer to you or your pets if they feel threatened. A majority of incidents with armadillos in Peachtree City involve dog and cat injuries after they attack these armored intruders in the backyard.
Even though human injuries from armadillo encounters are very rare, the damage they can do to your yard is common. Since they can smell insects under the soil up to eight inches away, they’ll dig large holes in your yard in search of their next meal. These nocturnal hunters will chase their prey around your yard, causing you to wake up to an unrecognizable disaster where your lawn once existed.

Avoiding Armadillo Problems

If you want to avoid armadillos in your yard, it can be an uphill battle. Since they’re talented diggers, a regular fence doesn’t keep them out very effectively. Instead, you can bury your fence about a foot into the ground. 
If you have garden areas or plants in the yard that you value more than other areas, you can use chicken wire to deter armadillo intrusion. Bury the chicken wire below the ground to discourage digging and be sure to angle the chicken wire above the ground to prevent armadillos from hopping the barrier.
To avoid any potential garage or shed invasions (which can lead to dangerous accidental interactions) you can place the chicken wire barriers around the foundations of any structures you want to protect. If you’d rather use wood lattice than unsightly chicken wire, this can be effective as well.
Also, since armadillos have such powerful noses, you can repel them with different smells around the property. By using Pine-sol, pine needles, vinegar, or ammonia, you can overwhelm their sense of smell and deter invasions.
While these methods can work, DIY armadillo prevention is hit or miss. Plus, if you do incur an armadillo infestation, there is not much you can do on your own to get rid of them quickly, humanely, or legally. 
That’s where MSI Termite & Pest Control can help. With years of experience and the most effective and humane wildlife eradication methods, our professional pest technicians can help you avoid armadillo danger and damage with guaranteed results. Give us a call today to protect your Peachtree City yard.

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