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an armadillo crawling in a yard looking for food

Are The Armadillos Around Peachtree City Dangerous?

March 15, 2021

Peachtree City isn’t exactly the wild, wild west, so you’re more likely to deal with roaches, rodents, or a stray deer tearing through your yard. However, if you’re caught unprepared by an armadillo walking onto your property, you’ll quickly wish you knew how to keep them out.... Read More

silverfish on bathroom sink

What Every Peachtree City Property Owner Ought To Know About Silverfish

December 15, 2020

Few people enjoy learning about insects and other pests. They’re usually ugly and aggravating. However, reading about them is necessary if you want to stay ahead of their intrusions. There are many critters Peachtree City home and business owners have common knowledge of. Residents can use this information or add onto it to thwart an invading species' efforts. For those bugs that are less discussed though, citizens will have to get past ... Read More

earwigs crawling on a leaf

The Secret To Effective Earwig Control For Peachtree City Homeowners

November 13, 2020

Over the years, civilizations have believed some seriously strange things. Nothing is more ridiculous than thinking earwigs crawled into people’s brains to lay their eggs. The only thing you have to worry about with earwigs is them causing trouble around your property. To stop these pests, use our simple prevention secret. ... Read More

a cockroach on a kitchen dish

How To Tell If Your Peachtree City Home Has A Cockroach Problem

October 15, 2020

Cockroaches are pests that produce many myths. One common misconception about cockroaches is that they can survive anything, including apocalyptic conditions. While they are a sturdy pest that's hard to remove, they can be conquered. However, while you likely realize that cockroaches are a nasty pest, you might not know just how bad they can be. Cockroaches are one of the more dangerous pests commonly found in Peachtree City homes because of t... Read More

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